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Tutorial Universal Box

Tutorial Universal Box:

Tutorial Universal Box

Supported Models:
video Tutorial
2760 contact service
CID49 Change IMEI
contact service superdongle
DB2012 change IMEI
Change phone color CSCA Unlock free A
_CID49 CID52
How to download files
How to erase BBphones
Fix BB5 phones after writing RPL Using USB
How to flash A2 phones
How to flash DB2012 CID50
Flash DCT4 phone using easy flash cable
How to flash EPOC P990
Reset User Code DB2020
Flash EPOC
DB2012 Change IMEI
How to flash K810 Cid 52
Read BB5 Certificate Backup
Read PM308 certs
Read Security Code BB5 phones using USB
Read Lock code DB2012 CID50r
Read userlock EPOC
Read lock code UMTS
Reset user Code DB2020
How to update your box
super DongleKey Repair
BB5 RPL function with Universal Box
2760 good
How to patch ASIC11
K320 CID50 CSCA Unlock
USB flashing 3110C
USB flashing N95 8GB
USB flashing 6120c
USB flashing N93i
USB flashing 6300
USB flashing 6500s


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